2013, Marie McKnight

E.J. is one of the most professional and dedicated realtor’s I have ever met. His knowledge of the industry surpasses most realtors I have done business with in the past. He gets to know his clients and what their wants and needs are and works tirelessly until those needs are met, he adheres to the clients budget and insures that the home buying/selling process is a pleasant experience for both the buyer and the seller. I have never met another realtor that looks out for his clients the way E.J. does.


2013, Damien Silva

E.J. is an awesome Realtor! I found him through one of my friends, and he worked with me to find the perfect house. Dreams really do come true!


7/16/2012, Curt and Marcia Ward

Dear E.J.,

This is a personal thank you from Marcia and me for your professional assistance in buying a home in Gilbert and getting our condominium leased in Scottsdale.  We threw at you every logistical problem imaginable, including initiating our search long distance, imposing our exacting requirements (both personal and financial), and narrowing our time window to only a few days when we would be in Phoenix to actually look at properties.  In our first face to face meeting, we brought our young grandchildren who played while we went through your market analysis.  You were still able to focus on our specific needs, answer our questions, and guide us to a property which was only on the market for a few days.  We are certain that we achieved our goal of obtaining the most house for the money, in a very favorable part of the city, within budget and on time.  It was really pretty amazing what you were able to do.

You then helped us get our condo listed at the right price so it leased within a month to very qualified renters.  Again, a home run in our opinion.

Thanks for the patience, frankness, and experienced judgement throughout this process.  We consider ourselves fortunate to have met you.  We love the house and the area.  We enjoyed working with you and believe you are a credit to your firm and to your profession.  I would recommend you highly to anyone in our situation and would be pleased to say so directly if given the opportunity.

Very Truly Yours,

Curt A. Ward, Attorney at Law

Ward and Robertson


04/12/2012, Jan Hill, CPA and 15 year experienced Loan Originator

I have known EJ for more than 5 years and was most fortunate to have made a tight cross referring relationship with him for the past 4 years.

EJ and I have been through any situation imaginable and even some sticky situations that I never thought possible in Real Estate transactions.  EJ is an incredible real estate professional with a much broader business mind than most realtors I meet.

Clients:  EJ looks out for the welfare of his clients and also commands a respect that seems absent in the business of many realtors.  EJ delivered referrals to my business practice that were convinced before I ever spoke with them.  He tested me thoroughly and once I demonstrated my competence to his satisfaction we were able to bond and cross sell to our clients in remarkable ways.  EJ maximizes on his strong relationships with his team so that the customer has total confidence in a less than confident world.  In addition as he turned the clients into raving fans, they were proud to recommend us to everyone they knew.   He shouted our names from Roof TOPS! Together we had a capture rate that is beyond any I have experienced in my career in lending.

Agent Referrals:  EJ is a thoughtful leader and he understood that as a lender I needed quality realtors around which to build my base.  When EJ met another professional he regarded highly, EJ had the same impact upon peer professionals as he did his customers.  Realtors would solicit the opportunity to work with me based upon the commendation of EJ.  As a lender this ability to influence others is beyond rare!

There were months where EJ represented 75% of my business and when I look back I am not sure how he was able to juggle so many clients at one time.  If you add in the other realtors he influenced, he became a dynamo for me in business generation.

We became finely tuned to one another and knew when to lean on the other or give a heads up.  Every transaction resulted in happy clients in homes that they love.  He creates loyalty every step of the way and nurtures that whether you are a customer or partner to his business.

Difficult situations:  EJ and I experienced one particular situation that I would never wish on anyone.  He protected his client while working with me and my organization (the lending org made a costly mistake) to make things right.  It was tough and I know both EJ and I grew as a result of the error.  I admire anyone who can remain calm in a crisis and retain the long term relationships he has created.  I will always remain appreciative of EJ’s ethics, loyalty and professionalism.

I think people like EJ probably only come around once or twice in life.  I am sure glad that I was the lender he chose to team up with in Austin for several years.  Needless to say, personally and business…he is impossible to replace.  I am honored to know EJ


Lucas and Stefannie Clendenen
Why EJ is a Rock Star
My husband and I were first-time home buyers who had been dreaming of escaping apartment life for years. When we finally found ourselves in the position to buy a house, EJ was our go-to guy. I was wary of working with any realtor, because I am a natural worrier and I had concerns that our realtor would end up being some kind of snake-oil salesman. EJ dispelled my worries in our first meeting.

He accommodated our crazy work schedules, and came to our cramped apartment to meet with us. When he tolerated our toddler son’s endless babbling and mayhem with a smile, I knew we had a winner. Over the course of looking at houses, EJ was informative, insightful about the properties, and generally fun and easy to hang out with. That last bit is important, when you’re spending hours schlepping from house to house with someone.

Once we made our decision on which house to buy, EJ was our best advocate. He kept us informed, and explained every step of the process in a way that a rookie first-time home buyer could understand. Throughout the negotiations, EJ was on top of things with recommendations for us, on-call for us day or night, and was nicely aggressive on our behalf when he needed to be. Overall, EJ made the entire house-buying process extremely smooth and painless. For us cautious first-time home buyers, it was an enormous weight off of our shoulders to feel like we were in good hands.


Kassandra Lynn
E.J. is one of the most prestigious realtors in Austin for a reason. His approach to real estate clearly shows how passionate he is about not just making a sale, but helping you build the life of your dreams. He somehow has the ability to make what could be a daunting, life altering, very stressful situation of buying a house seem like a fun new adventure. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.   Hands down, working with E.J. was one of the best decisions I have ever made. His professionalism and services are by far superior to any other real estate agent I have worked with. He made the process of buying a house not only less stressful but downright enjoyable from the get-go. I cannot express how deep my gratitude is for how delightful this adventure was. Thank you.


Mikhail N. Koumoundouros
E.J. is a top ranked realtor with an unparalleled track record of success in the markets that he serves. A consummate professional delivering a significant amount of industry knowledge regardless of what stage you are at in the process. I highly endorse him to any and all interested parties in the future.


Gil Alires- Austin REALTOR
Working with EJ was a pleasures, he always responds on a timely fashion and always answered all questions, his professionalism makes you feel very comfortable when you deal with him. I definitely enjoyed working with EJ


Amy Jones Hammoudi
E.J. did a wonderful job of walking me thru the whole process of buying a home in the Austin area. Doing this from out-of-state and not having the luxury of being able to do much of the process face to face, he was always readily available and made everything as easy as possible. I would recommend E.J. to anyone looking to buy a house, he was a pleasure to work with and made the whole process enjoyable.


Matt and Ashly Dunn
My wife and I highly recommend E.J. McKinney as a REALTOR.  Ashly is a licensed REALTOR but we hired E.J. to sell our home and help us buy a new one because he is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Time is of the essence for him: he listed, marketed and sold our home in 7 days, found and negotiated a deal on our next home, and served as the REALTOR for the home we purchased all in one month.  He maintained our confidence throughout each stage by displaying his own confidence in selling a home.

E.J.’s work did not end at the purchase and sale of our real estate.  He actually shopped with us for new flooring.  He has a great eye for style and without his help with his vendor relationships we would not have been able to replace all of the flooring in the new house.  E.J. has many connections in the community including an excellent mortgage banker, Jan Hill who is absolutely fabulous.  We were all set to use our previous mortgage broker, but changed our minds quickly after talking with Jan.

No question goes unanswered or unresearched when you have E.J. McKinney on your team. He is a reliable, responsible, trustworthy REALTOR that will do what it takes to get you what you want.  The only problem you will have with using E.J. as your REALTOR is realizing that buying a home is not as stressful as you think and before you know it, you will want to move again!


Jim and Venessa Shields
My husband, Jim, and I both wish to thank you for all you’ve done to help us sell our house. You really put in a lot of time on it and gave our unique situation the research and resources it needed. During the time it took to find a buyer and close the sale you were not only a help in the technical step-by-step things that needed to be done but also an encouragement when things were not working the way we thought they should. When no one else wanted to deal with our situation and we didn’t know what else to do, you stepped in and ran with it. I was both amazed and thankful for how much time you put into this. Through the time it took and the many, many phone calls we feel like we have made a friend. You really showed you cared about our family and about helping us find the best deal. You have been a real blessing to our family and kept us from giving in and having to repo the house. It was also a blessing to my husband to have you advising us and doing research for us while he was serving in Iraq. Having all of this happen while he was deployed was very difficult and It was a big comfort to my husband to have someone work so hard on it with us. We continue to recommend you to others who might be buying/selling in the Austin area and will likely call you for advice in the future when we decide to buy again.  Thank You again, E.J.


Carl Radley
E.J. is someone who is dedicated to his profession and family, you can count on him to come through and do the best job possible.


Stacy Rose
What a pleasure it has been meeting E.J. McKinney. For real estate business, there is certainty no one else that you will get prompt, professional, and courteous service. E.J. has a true passion for his job, which is apparent the moment you meet him. I would highly recommend E.J. if you are looking to purchase a home. E.J. is great at developing relationships that reach beyond the business realm.


Rhonda Barker

I couldn’t say enough good things about EJ. He is a professional, friendly, detail oriented and hard working person whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.


Christy Mays Schmidt
EJ is fabulous at what he does, never missing a detail. He is always a pleasure to deal with and look forward to working with him in the near future.


Richard Gutierrez
I’ve had to pleasure to meet E.J. when purchasing my house in Texas. He is very professional and i believe I’ve found a new friend. I recommend E.J for any real estate issues or just to be friends with


Kirstan Ryan
I loved working with EJ. He really knows the market and actually shows you properties he knows that you may not have found yet. He always made himself available, even after the purchase was finalized. Plus, he is super fun: it’s like house shopping with a good friend!


Jackie Pryll and Todd Leasure
“We were very fortunate to have E.J. as our realtor. Being renters, we were very impressed that he gave us the attention he would a potential home buyer. From the start of our search through the signing of the lease, E.J. was continuously working with us to find the right place that fit our needs. He was available, dependable, and straightforward and always had a positive attitude. When we found our house, E.J, continued to be of service to us offering to answer questions about the contract as well as to address any future concerns. When we’re ready to buy, we’ll definitely look to E.J.”


Buyers- Austin, TX
Thank you very much for being there for us!. We appreciate all that you have done for us and know we could not have done it without you.” We not only found a Realtor but a true friend. Thanks again!


Relocation Clients
We can not thank you enough for all the time you spent with us showing us around Austin. Thanks to you, we fell in love with the Austin area and you are someone we can certainly work with in our search for property.


Austin, TX Listing
Thanks for all of your hard work and effort in selling my home. You went above and beyond my expectations and I am certainly going to refer you to anyone looking for a Real Estate Agent in the Austin area. Your constant communication and true professionalism was much appreciated. Thanks again for the hard work!


Doug Schuster and Helina Newman
We’re a young couple, getting married and starting a family, so finding a house we liked in a good neighborhood for our children was a top priority.  We fell in love with the perfect house in a great neighborhood and E.J. worked really hard to get the owners to accept us as tenents.  We hope to actually buy the house in a few months and would consider no one else except E.J. to represent us when that time com

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