Arizona closing costs 8th lowest in the Nation

Clients always ask me, how much is it going to cost me to close on my new home or on the sale of my existing house?  Relatively speaking, closing costs in Arizona, while they may seem high to some, are actually some of the lowest in the Nation.  In fact, Bankrate now reports that Arizona has the 8th lowest closing costs in the entire Nation.  Average closing costs in the state are running around $2,425.  For those wondering if that is because our home prices are low, in fact, the Phoenix area actually is beginning to approach levels seen prior to the recession.  What does this mean for you the consumer- If you are looking to buy a new home, then you will have more buying power than someone in another state.  If you are a seller then you get to keep more of that equity in your home to use toward your next purchase.  For strategies on how to sell your house faster and get more money from the sale or if you are a buyer looking for your next home and wanting to make sure you get the best deal CONTACT ME TODAY.  For more on this story check out ARIZONA BOASTS 8th LOWEST CLOSING COSTS ON HOMES.