Did you know….

You may think it takes only qualifications, experience, and education to get ahead but according to psychologist and best-selling author Richard Wiseman in his book 59 Seconds, Think a little, Change a lot, 30 years of research says  it doesn’t always come down to qualifications, experience, education or a host of other criteria. Often times, it came down to likability.

Likability has also been linked to the success of presidential candidates in a presidential race (as predicted by Gallup) and likable people are reported to be far less likely to get a divorce or be sued for malpractice (The University of Toronto).

So instead of cutting your commission or adding even more designations behind your name to get business, you may want to try being irresistibly personable to help win more clients.

But don’t go too far, people are also less likely to trust you if you come off as “too perfect.”

Here are nine easy things you can practice to become more likable:

1. Be known for your positive attitude
2. Be passionate about what you’re doing
3. Have a good sense of humor
4. Assume the best in people, especially in front of others
5. Be complimentary, but not too complimentary
6. Listen more than you talk. Here’s how: hear it, acknowledge it, add something of value
7. Be known for your ability to adapt
8. Have good manners, good grooming and good language
9. Be humble

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