Most Expensive Home in America

In the market for some luxury?  Need more space from the home you are currently living in?  Look no further…. America’s most expensive home and it’s not in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles…..

America’s Most Expensive Home

Are you listening?

I was going to write an article for my coaching clients and for my team and talk about the importance of listening, not only to our peers and co-workers, but our clients as well.  I think that the gap between mediocracy and success are defined by a fine line that is made up of a number of components.  Obviously, having talent in ones field goes a long way, but what truly separates someone who succeeds and someone who is very successful could be defined by one simple component…. Listening.  Are you always listening to what others around you are saying?  Are you taking the time to digest what they say, pull out the larger ideas, or nuggets, so that you know what to focus on when you are working on something?  Are you listening to someone else’s goals and vision to know how to incorporate it into your everyday life?  I think many of us move forward in this fast paced world and focus on what we feel is important and what will help drive our success rather than listening to others and finding that one thing that is important to the other person as well.

It is said that communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship.  If that is true then communication is not just speaking, but listening as well.  I recently came across a blog post by Ram Charan titled “The Discipline of Listening.”  In his blog post, Charan talks about the importance of listening in our everyday business lives.  For  those of us in the real estate field (and others that are not), our jobs are to focus on what our clients wants and needs are.  If you are talking at your clients about what they should be buying or selling, then are you truly meeting their needs?  Are you truly helping them or are you just focused on your goal of getting a deal closed?  If you focus on the client and LISTEN to what they are saying, you will build a client for life.  To read Charan’s blog post check out The Discipline of Listening.

E.J. McKinney to lead Mendoza Real Estate Team in Phoenix, AZ

Beginning January 29th, look for E.J. McKinney to take over as Team Leader at the The Mendoza Team with Keller Williams Realty.  After 6 years with Keller Williams and over 18 years of combined experience in the mortgage and real estate field, McKinney brings new ideas and leadership to an already well established team.  His prior background at Legg Mason Real Estate Services and at First American Financial have provided a wealth of experience that will help take the Mendoza Team to the next level.  To learn more about what the team can do for you or if you have thought about a career in real estate, call E.J. today at 480-823-7770 or email him at

Phoenix Leads Nation Once More

Another sign that the Valley of the Sun is not only on a path toward full recovery but is a leader in the National Real Estate Market, Phoenix is now leading the U.S. with the largest gain in home sales prices at 23%.  That is nearly DOUBLE the next closest city, San Francisco at 12.7%.  Demand is high and supply is low and that is fueling a strong recovery in the Phoenix metro area.  We are still seeing multiple offers coming in on listings and there does not appear to be a slow down in sight.  In fact, certain areas of the valley are seeing a great deal of new home construction as well.  Check out the full story from AZCentral at Phoenix Leads Nation in Home Price Jump.  If I can answer any questions you have, CONTACT ME today!

Prices are up, but homes are in short supply

Looking to buy your next new home?  Sitting on the sidelines right now, waiting for prices to slow down could cost you in the long run.  Prices are headed up, especially in key markets like Phoenix and do not show signs of slowing down.  This is great news for sellers that had previously lost money in the real estate downturn.  Now is a great time for buyers looking for their next home.  But take notice, inventories are at all time lows, so act fast or run the risk of losing out on your next house to another buyer and be prepared to pay full list price…. at least.  For more information on this story check out Prices are up, but homes are in short supply and if you have questions about buying or selling real estate, call or email me today.

This Month in Real Estate- January 2013