Housing Crisis End In Sight?

While many cities across the country are still in recovery mode, 2012 appears to show multiple signs that the housing crisis is nearing an end.  Recovery could still take years for communities that have lost significant values in their homes, but recovery and the end of the housing crisis that has loomed across the U.S. for the past few years is a welcome sign for many.

Across all sectors of the economy, we are seeing positive signs of recovery as well.  From Wall Street to Main Street, America is back open for business.  Companies like Apple have announced that they will be issuing dividends to it’s shareholders, something not seen in years and love them or hate them, big banks are raking in profits too.  Many of these are the same banks that just a few years ago needed taxpayer money to bail them out.

In a sign that the government has agreed with this positive momentum, banks have now begun to slowly loosen credit standards to allow their lending arms to once again lend to borrowers.

Here is a great article that I saw today talking about this same trend…..

DSNEWS.COM – Housing Crisis End in Sight?

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